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Josiah Ng
Youth Category Winner

Josiah is a videographer who shoots videos to get people thinking about the many inhumane ways of others. During the haze situation in 2013 where there was a shortage of N95 masks, Josiah went around giving masks to construction workers, families in rental blocks and to those who needed badly but did not have the means to pay for it. He is also known for his project “while you were sleeping”, whereby he delivers food or other items of need to people, without alerting them, while they were resting or sleeping.

He leaves a note behind stating his gesture so that they are not alarmed. He went around void decks, leaving food and blankets for the uncles and aunties who slept on benches under the block. He left food and drinks for construction workers taking a nap in the hot sun during their breaks. Josiah has shed national awareness on a lot more issues.

Gurusamy Intrany
Pioneers category Winner

Mdm Gurusamy Intrany, an astrologer, age 65, had to divorce her husband in 1979. As a single parent, she had to raise her 4 children together with her mother-in- law, who was also abandoned by her very own son. Mdm. Intrany was the sole breadwinner, worked in multiple odd jobs just to support her family. In December 2004, tragedy struck as she had to undergo a major complicated bypass surgery. She underwent 3 crucial surgeries in a single day and she survived.

She talks to couples who are on the verge of divorcing and advises them as a result has saved many families from splitting. She donates to old folks homes in Singapore and in India. She visits Tai Pei Old Folks Home and Sree Narayana Mission bringing with her food and gifts. She is always seen buying food and drinks for the poor, disabled or elderly folks. At times, she even goes to the extent of giving them money for their daily needs.

Jeyamany Overithi
Pioneers category Winner

Mdm. Jeyamany, a grandmother, is an easy going, good natured personality and she enjoys meeting and interacting with people with all walks of life. Jeya, as what is fondly called has been a volunteer with many associations and had helped out at their events. She is a pious person and also volunteered at temples of many faiths like Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and even in Churches.

Jeya with her warm and vibrant smile has extended her care and concern to many beyond her family and friends. She gave guidance to many people from single parent, aged folks, teens and adults. She also provides a shoulder to cry on, help build their self- esteem and seek financial assistance from relevant authorities. Whenever she encounters someone who needs some direction in life, she is ever ready to help them with her love, patience and assistance. She believes that every obstacle can be overcome with right attitude and determination.

Bringing Love to Every Single Soul - BLESS
Youth- Institutional Category Winner

Being a non-profit organisation that actively engages the community with a vision to engage, enrich and empower the lives of the less privileged, BLESS’s primary target beneficiaries are the people in the bottom rung of our society, such as residents staying in one/two rooms rental flats and young children with dysfunctional families. BLESS’s mission is not solely to help the community but rather, to provide a scaffold that helps the community to help themselves. Their work aims to involve the ordinary persons to step out and provide only what they are willing to give, in an empowering manner.

Like resident volunteers reading to underprivileged children; the mobile elderly reaching out to the isolated elderly and bakeries baking special birthday cakes for every underprivileged child. Believing that each person and entity has their own unique strength and with a little giving from everyone, the community as a whole can be more wholesome, BLESS envisions a Singapore where everyone cares and provides for one another.

The Restroom Association Singapore
Environmental Category Winner, Organisation

As a non-profit organization which advocates for clean public toilets, the Restroom Association (Singapore) (RAS) strives to reach out to target audience with innovative programmes and activities that have impact and can be sustained. Since its inception in 1998, RAS has been working closely with partners from the 3P sectors i.e. public, private and people sectors which are cornerstones for the success of our programmes, to raise the benchmarks in the whole restroom value chain.

The challenge for RAS is to meet the rising expectations of users and elevate the standards of design and cleanliness. RAS investigate and find out the root cause of dirty toilets and it also identify the needs of various users including tourists and foreign workers, so as to promote better designed toilets that cater to these needs. RAS constantly source for the best practices in cleanliness, design and maintenance of public toilets and review our local standards.

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